Mississippi's First and Only Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Mississippi prepares students for the interdisciplinary world of bioengineering, where technology and medicine meet. Biomedical Engineering students choose a track of study in Biomolecular Engineering, Biomedical Systems, or Bioinformatics.


Key Benefits

The Biomedical Engineering program allows students to partner with the University of Mississippi's world-class School of Pharmacy and National Centers for Physical Acoustics and Natural Products Research to help create a dynamic educational experience.


Graduate Outcomes

Graduates of the program can enter careers in medical device design, biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and sales, biomedical imaging, and telemedicine, among others. Biomedical Engineering also provides the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.).


Experiences Offered

Biomedical Engineering students at Mississippi's flagship public university:

  • Master a rigorous and challenging curriculum
  • Participate in impactful undergraduate research projects
  • Capitalize on formative internship and co-op experiences
  • Learn the ethical challenges that face 21st century bioengineers
  • Develop transferable skills for rapid career advancement

All within the unique atmosphere of a liberal arts institution and Southeastern Conference (SEC) school.